Born In Bolton

Born In Bolton tells the history of the 38 first-class cricketers, including 12 Test players, to have been born in the metropolitan borough of Bolton.

Although delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic, the book will now be published in mid-July 2020.

The first Bolton cricketer to appear in the first-class game was Walter Hardcastle, born in Great Bolton in 1843, while the most recent are Matt Parkinson and Josh Bohannon who are currently establishing themselves at first-class level. In between there are some fascinating stories of the careers enjoyed by so many Boltonians down the years such as R.G.Barlow, Charlie Hallows, Dick Tyldesley, Roy Tattersall, Jack Bond, Frank Tyson, Mike Watkinson, Karl Brown, Sajid Mahmood and many more.

Why Bolton has produced so many fine cricketers and is such a cricket stronghold is explained by two excellent contributions from local cricket historians David Kaye and Jack Williams.

Each book will be accompanied by a map listing over 300 clubs in the Bolton area and the location of over 100 cricket grounds, while author Geoff Ogden picks his own 'Bolton XI' from the 38 players — and an extremely strong side it is!

About the author
Stoneclough-born Geoff Ogden has been a passionate Lancashire cricket supporter since first visiting Old Trafford as a young boy in the late 1940's. About the same time he became an avid Bolton Wanderers fan when the club played exciting football and held its own in the old First Division. He has remained a proud Boltonian and Lancastrian throughout his life.

A fine cricketer, football player and all-round athlete in his youth, Geoff became senior PE Teacher at Ellesmere Park Comprehensive School and initially played for Farnworth C.C. for ten years before beginning a long connection with Worsley C.C., Lancashire C.C.C. and Lancashire youth cricket. Many of the players who have shone for Lancashire in the last thirty to forty years have passed through his representative teams.

He became a long standing and invaluable member of the Lancashire C.C.C. Committee, serving as Chairman of the Cricket Committee for many years and is now a Vice President.

About 'Born In Bolton'
In 2014 I met a friend, Geoff Wellsteed, at Old Trafford who had just written a book about first-class cricketers born in Reading. He reckoned it was probably the strongest side that could be found in the country and I immediately took up the challenge by insisting I could find a team from Bolton which was better. It was all good banter but it eventually led to the 'Born In Bolton' book which gives an insight to the careers of the 38 first-class cricketers from the metropolitan borough which includes 12 Test players. All of them represented Lancashire at some level even though Frank Tyson, for example, played county cricket for Northamptonshire.

Perhaps cricket lovers from other districts of Lancashire will be stirred to research their area to try and find an even better team. I certainly enjoyed the whole experience and my publisher friend reckons everyone should write a book anyway!!
Geoff Ogden

Softback Cover, 128 pages. To be published July 2020.

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