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A Little Book of Cardus Cartoons

cardus cartoons

Bob Hilton has done a magnificent job in compiling our most unusual Cardus book, 'A Little Book of Cardus Cartoons.'

You will be surprised at how many cartoons Cardus actually produced. The book's character is very different from its predecessors produced by the Cardus Archive, taking as it does the form of fifty or so illustrations with text, most of them drawings by Neville himself, an inveterate doodler and caricaturist.

These are supplemented by a number of depictions of Neville by others, such as the great Australian leg-spinner and artist, Arthur Mailey.

We are very fortunate that many of the cartoons were either donated to us or lent to us by one of the Cardus Archive patrons, Elizabeth Grice, to whom 'A Little Book of Cardus Cartoons.' is dedicated.

The book is the same size as our other Cardus publications and is limited to 100 copies.

Each copy is signed and numbered. The booklet is 42 pages with a card cover.

£12.00 inc. postage (UK postal addresses* only)

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