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Christopher O'Brien: 13th February 2018 9:37am

Cardus Uncovered-a revealing new biography

Ed: Bob Hilton: 1st January 2018 4:46pm

Cardus Undimmed, a limited edition of 250 copies, is a retrospect of Neville Cardus's last decade (1965-75) in which his mind and pen remained as vigorous as ever. Writing was his passion to the end.

Malcolm Lorimer: 3rd September 2017 4:46pm

John Arlott, one of cricket's most revered commentators said of Farokh Engineer: "He finds both cricket and life fun; he laughs easily and his jokes are often very funny but he can be grave. His appeals are as loud as anyone's yet off the field he is quietly spoken. As a batsman or wicketkeeper he is aggressive, yet he is a man of consideration and courtesy. There has always been a quality of generosity about his cricket and his way of life."

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