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Play starting at Southport
Malcolm Lorimer: 15th June 2023 7:55pm

Some say that County Cricket is dying or not worth watching. They should have been at Southport over four days of perfect weather in June. The sun was beating down from a cloudless sky and when we did get torrential rain, it was conveniently during the night.

Hall of Fame 15-16
Malcolm Lorimer: 3rd March 2023 11:55am

Following the launch of the Lancashire Cricket Hall of Fame in 2020, Max Books in association with the Lancashire Cricket Heritage Team have produced sets of postcard-size commemorative cards for each of the inductees.

Clowns in Dundee
Richard Miller: 1st March 2023 11:09am

In the late 1860's matches between cricketers and circus clowns began to take place around Britain. There were even teams of clowns formed who toured the country playing matches against local sides willing to meet their booking fee.

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