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The Sermon That Led To Murder

sermon that led to murdercover

Can a sermon ever lead to Murder?

Rev Charles Jowett preaches a very unusual sermon about confession which moves his congregation to tears and also for some to confess things in their lives which they had covered up and hidden.

A few weeks later the vicar is found dead in his garden, was it an accident or has someone a guilty secret they couldn't afford to be revealed?

A story about confession, the past and human failings and what they may lead to.

Also in the book : The Second Epistle.
The continuation of the first story about a cruise in Norway where events in the Second World War come to the surface and have deep repercussions.

This is the second detective novel written by retired Methodist Minister Rev Malcolm Lorimer.

For details of Malcolm's first book, Saints And Sinners, click here

Softback Cover, 193 pages.

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