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S.F.Barnes and a pub in Alsager


S.F. Barnes and a Pub in Alsager -"Nothing to do with cricket!"

One of the most interesting characters in Lancashire Cricket is S.F. Barnes. One of the greatest of all bowlers he could also be an aloof, austere character. What a delight then to find that he was going to be a subject of a play written by Andrew Stewart and directed by Keith Plant.

The play lasts 45 minutes and is performed by two characters, Philip Jackson playing Barnes and Chris Garton skilfully playing the other parts. I must say I wondered if they would be able to capture the essence of Barnes as he was such a complex character. They did it magnificently with a bit of humour. The play brought out what a man of principle Barnes was and how he wouldn't "tug his forlock" to anyone!

I am hoping to stage it at Old Trafford this summer after a day's play in the Pavilion Long room. It will be quite atmospheric to think that S.F. once walked across the same floor. Watch out for the date!!!


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