Sonny Ramadhin

The funeral took place on Friday (March 18) of one of the legendary West Indian Test Cricketers, Sonny Ramadhin.

The sun shone for him as over 200 people gathered for a service in Oldham. He was carried into the crematorium to the strains of the Victory Calypso written in his honour, 'With those two little pals of mine Ramadhin and Valentine.'

The service paid tribute to this wonderful cricketer who never had any coaching and no-one knew his name, so he was called 'Sonny'.

Tributes were paid from various friends and family. Sonny was such a modest and humble man, never boasting about his achievements. He was a better than average golfer. He made his home in Lancashire and his son-in-law Willie and grandson Kyle Hogg played for Lancashire.

Amongst the congregation were fellow West Indians, Sir Clive Lloyd and Rohan Kanhai (pictured) and the legendary league cricketer Ces Wright at 88 still looking as if he could turn over his arm. There was also a good attendance of former Lancashire cricketers.

The sun shone at the reception afterwards at Crompton Cricket Club where Sonny had met his wife Sharon and played for many years. It was a privilege to attend such a tribute to one of Lancashire's great cricketers and when he died at 92 Lancashire's oldest living cricketer.

Malcolm Lorimer

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