Southport Always Produces Something Good

Southport may not be the number one coastal resort, but Lancashire's visits to the coast always produce something interesting and exciting. Over the years there have been some incredible matches and performances.

Southport is an unusual coastal resort — burdened by the acres of sand which obscure the sea and the jokes of having to supply telescopes to even view it. But Southport can laugh at itself and I like that. It doesn't have the bawdiness of Blackpool or the sadness of Morecambe-Southport knows what it is about.

What other resort dares to have a museum dedicated to the history of Lawnmowers?

I am not sure how many cricket fans on the wet Saturday during the Middlesex match took refuge in the museum. London may have the Tate Modern and The British Museum to entertain visitors, but Southport has the unique Lawnmower Museum!

If they had made a visit they would have found over 300 Lawnmowers of all types and makes, and what is more, ones owned by the rich and famous. From Prince Charles and Princess Diana (did they ever push them around the lawn?) to one owned by Hilda Ogden of Coronation Street!

Back to the cricket and three days of intense emotion took place at Southport & Birkdale Sports Club, with career-bests from Stephen Parry, Alex Davies and Tom Bailey as well as a satisfying Lancashire win over last year's champions.

Southport & Birkdale CC and their officials always make an effort and their friendly, helpful approach is appreciated. I hope to be there again next year and maybe we should organise a block booking to the Lawnmower Museum — I am thinking of taking them a rusty model from the back of my garden shed to give them!

Rev. Malcolm Lorimer
Photo: Craig Galloway

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